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Nuby Bamboo Strawberry Shaped Plate

Nuby Bamboo Strawberry Shaped Plate

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This fun fruit-shaped bamboo plate is perfect for toddlers. The plate is big enough for growing appetites and the 3 handy sections allow for a range of food options. The raised edges also make filling spoonfuls of food nice and simple for when your little one is ready to self-feed. An ideal option for children as they learn to self-feed as well as being suitable for parent-led feeding.This plate has a super strong suction ring on the bottom which sticks to a range of surfaces to help avoid those messy accidents and spillages at mealtimes. To ensure it sticks well, surfaces should be totally free of any dirt, grit or soap residue before attaching. The suction ring is removable for easy cleaning and as the base is removable it lets you transition to a regular plate when your little one outgrows the ‘tipping it over their head’ stage!

The plate is 100% all-natural bamboo unlike many other brands, so contains no nasties or hidden surprises! It is a sustainable and biodegradable material so is a safe mealtime choice for your little one, while at the same time helping you to protect the environment and reduce your plastic footprint. 

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