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Mamia Size 6 Pullup Nappy Pants

Mamia Size 6 Pullup Nappy Pants

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Mamia Size 6 Nappy Pants

32 nappy pants

Suitable for toddlers between 14kg -19kg


Specially designed to provide exceptional day and night protection for your little one. With its advanced features and high-quality design, these nappy pants offer convenience, comfort, and peace of mind


Up To 12hrs Day & Night Protection: These nappy pants are engineered to provide up to 12 hours of reliable protection, keeping your child dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. No more frequent changes or disturbances, allowing your toddler to enjoy uninterrupted play and rest


Ultra-dry Air System™: The Ultra-dry Air System™ incorporated into these nappy pants ensures superior breathability. It allows fresh air to circulate while efficiently locking away moisture, keeping your child's delicate skin dry and rash-free


Fast Absorption: With their fast absorption capabilities, these nappy pants quickly draw away liquid, preventing leaks and ensuring maximum comfort for your active toddler. Say goodbye to wetness and hello to a dry and happy little one


Soft Comfort: Crafted from soft and gentle materials, these nappy pants offer ultimate comfort for your child's sensitive skin. The softness of the fabric helps prevent irritation, allowing your toddler to move freely and comfortably throughout the day


360° Fit for Active Toddlers: Designed to cater to the needs of active toddlers, these nappy pants feature a 360° fit. This ensures a snug and secure fit around your child's waist and legs, accommodating their movements and providing freedom to explore and play


Dermatologically Accredited: Rest assured that these nappy pants have been dermatologically accredited, meaning they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and gentle on your child's skin. You can trust Mamia to deliver a product that meets the highest standards of quality and care

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