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Huggies 4T-5T Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants For Boys

Huggies 4T-5T Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants For Boys

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Huggies 4T-5T Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants For Boys

102 nappies

Suitable for active toddlers between 17kg-23kg

Absorbent, leak protection, underwear-like fit

Easy potty training with soft, easy-open sides

Refastenable sides for quick checks & changes


With the Plus Promise, Pull-Ups Plus Potty Training Pants for Boys are our most absorbent for protection, comfort and fun!* Made with soft and breathable materials, these training pants are extra comfy for your child day and night. Pull-Ups boys' training pants provide outstanding protection for up to 12 hours and all-around coverage with a flexible, underwear-like fit. They also feature stretchy sides that your child can easily move up and down to help them feel like a Big Kid. Change your child's training pants quickly with Pull-Ups' easy open, refastenable sides. The easy open sides allow you to keep pants and shoes on your toddler for fast changes on-the-go or at home. Plus, the adjustable sides let you customize your child's waistband and easily check for messes. Pull-Ups Plus Potty Training Underwear for Boys come in exclusive designs featuring Spider-Man, available only at Costco. The graphics fade when wet, which help motivate your child to stay dry. When your child is ready to begin his potty training journey, the Pull-Ups brand can help

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