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Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

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Kit includes:
Nasal-Oral Aspirator
49 Replacement Filters
Storage/Travel Case

Baby NäsaKleen® consists of a silicone tip, a plastic chamber with a hygiene filter, and a tube connector, and the tube is connected to a mouthpiece. 

By placing the nozzle slightly inside the baby’s nostril and gently applying suction through the mouthpiece, the mucus collects in the transparent chamber. 

A hygiene filter prevents mucus from leaving the chamber. Add a few drops of saline into the nostrils before aspirating if the mucus in the baby’s nose is particularly dry or sticky.

Repeat one to four times per day, as needed. We recommend cleaning the nose upon awakening, before bed and prior to eating.

Baby NäsaKleen® can be used safely on newborns, infants, and small children.
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