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Baby Diapers- Lupilu Diapers Size 3 Jumbo Pack

Baby Diapers- Lupilu Diapers Size 3 Jumbo Pack

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Lupilu Diapers Size 3 Jumbo Pack

98 diapers

Suitable for babies between 4kg -9kg


Lupilu Nappies, the perfect solution for your little one's comfort and protection. These nappies are thoughtfully designed with innovative features and advanced technology to ensure a delightful experience for both babies and parents

One of the outstanding features of Lupilu Nappies is the revolutionary Magical Air Tubes®. These special tubes promote optimal airflow, keeping your baby's delicate skin fresh and dry throughout the day and night. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by trapped moisture, as the Magical Air Tubes® provide excellent breathability

We understand the importance of softness and gentleness for your baby's sensitive skin. That's why our nappies are crafted with a soft and skin-friendly fleece material. It feels gentle to the touch, ensuring your little one stays cozy and comfortable with every wear. Bid farewell to irritation and embrace pure comfort

The flexible and breathable elasticated comfort waistband adds an extra layer of comfort and security. It moves with your baby's every movement, providing a snug fit and preventing leaks. With Lupilu Nappies, your little one can explore and play freely, knowing they are well-protected

We know that keeping your baby dry is a top priority. Our nappies feature an additional dry layer that quickly absorbs moisture and locks it away from your baby's skin. This ensures long-lasting dryness, preventing rashes and discomfort. Your baby can stay happy and content, even during the most active moments

Lupilu Nappies are designed to be extra thin, providing a sleek and discreet fit. This allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement, enabling your baby to crawl, play, and explore with ease. Despite their thinness, these nappies offer excellent absorbency, providing peace of mind for both you and your little one

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